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Well, you’ll be glad you’ve landed here. Do a lil’ online stalk. Have a look about. You’ll soon notice that TT is the sauce to your pasta. The cheese to your warm pizza. The being to your human. Okay, enough now. Here’s what you’re really here for. Get to know the what’s what on TT:

  • Build brands, mainly on the interwebs. Been building tech companies, digital products & growing brands online for over 12 years. Grey hairs & experience found here.

  • Former CEO & Co-Founder of chozun 途赞 - a travel app, underpinned by AI & Blockchain (with its own cryptocurrency). Exited 2018 after it became one of the Top 5 Travel apps in China.

  • Awarded Top 10 Crypto Expert in the World in 2018. Won GBC first prize for Female Entrepreneurship across China 2017. Asia Super Team winner in 2016. Seen in the media -#fame found here.

  • Mentor and Advisor to startups & startup accelerator, She Starts. Board member Girls in Tech.

  • Keynote Speaker at Global Tech, Marketing, Startup, Blockchain Conferences across APAC - Blockchain Summit, CES Asia, Web Summit to name a few. More on this here.

  • Workshop Facilitator & Corporate Trainer. Program Leader & Lecturer at Melbourne’s Leading Universities.

  • Past life worked for Global Advertising Agencies in Operations, leading large digital teams, bringing technology lead projects to life for clients.

  • Exited eCommerce shoe business Co-Founded in late 2015. 

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

- Albert Einstein

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