Teresa Truda

Geek. Speaker. Advisor.

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So here it is. You have Teresa Truda, who after building an ecosystem of sorts for travellers to discover, book and access the best personalised local experiences through application of AI and Data Science, Crypto and Blockchain, was awarded GBC first prize for Female Entrepreneurship across China.

Cryptocurrency Magazine named TT as one of the World’s Top 10 Crypto Experts in 2018, soon after chozun became one of the top five Blockchain travel apps in China.


Now, back in her home town of Melbourne, Australia after her exit, Teresa can be found guest speaking at key tech and business events across Asia, including those hosted by Blockchain & Bitcoin ConferenceStart-up VicCES AsiaWeb Summit and so on, all with a view to sharing experiences, talking through the transition into start up world and combating any notion that overnight success is a thing. It’s not. It takes hard work and at the centre of it is the right advice, counsel and a load of learning.

Featured in publications such as The Age and appearing on Sky News, Teresa today takes on the role of educating and empowering people on navigating tech, building a brand from scratch online, the ins and outs of Blockchain and more.


An RMIT & Macleay Program Facilitator, Lecturer and Mentor in the Masters of Advertising, Masters of Media and Entrepreneurship courses, Teresa is a dedicated Advisor within the tech and start up communities, providing counsel as well as participating in speaking events that incorporate her love of travel, trends in tech, personal experiences in the industry and how women can dominate in the world of tech.


There is more to the story. A career in some of the world’s leading Advertising agencies and a few successful start-ups along the way. But you know. TLDR.