Geek Out.



“I build brands, online. I speak fluent geek. Have done so for years. I know the social media hacks. How to run Online Ads that perform. Manage digital projects - on time, within budget. I’m the person that goes to friends parties, talks about the Future of Tech & never gets invited back again.”


Digital Specialist. Tech Guru.

A Strategic one.


A strategic thinker that brings brands to life. That’s TT’s jam.

She knows how to speak fluent geek so you don’t have to.

Understands how to develop customer journeys, reaching your audience at every touchpoint along their way.

Can execute on one, some or every stage of a digital and social media strategy.

Gets business. Gets building a brand. Gets customers. Gets testing & optimising. And most importantly, puts it to practice.

TT works across established brands and start ups. Big or small. All industries. If theres a brand, product/ service and a need, she will find a way to communicate that through digital and social channels.

What do you need?


These are just some of the services:

  • Digital Brand Health Auditing

  • Digital Marketing/ Innovation Strategy & Execution

  • Facebook & Google Ad Campaign Set up, Monitoring, Optimisation

  • Develop Customer Journeys & Stack Recommendations

  • Social Media Community Building, Manager Sourcing & Training

  • PM/Scope, Brief, Liaise, Build Tech Products

  • Consulting at various stages of brand asset development or tech product development.